Custom Wedding Invitations

At Insta Print Plus, we know that each wedding is unique—it’s our guiding principle for wedding invitation printing in Appleton, WI. For over five decades, happy couples have trusted Insta Print Plus to design and print quality wedding invitations that truly stand out. Our design team is here to listen to your needs and create invitations that communicate the information they need to.

Match Your Wedding Theme

Working with a theme? Whether rustic, tropical, elegant or totally avant-garde, we know exactly how to integrate it into your wedding invitations and other printed material for your special day. Need some design advice to get you started? Talk with our graphic design and printing experts to explore the following options:

  • White is classic, but color can make a memorable splash. We know how to incorporate your wedding colors into the design of your invitations.
  • A standard-sized rectangular card (4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch) is the norm, but feel free to play with size and shape as you create your invitations. We’re able to create non-standard cards that truly make a statement.
  • Interesting colors, patterns and fonts are great, but legibility is key for quality invitations. Our design team helps you create invitations that are unique but legible, too.

Remember that postcards aren’t just communications that need to be sent through the mail. Some creative businesses actually use postcards as oversized business cards. With the right combination of image and text, you can leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Helping You Celebrate Your Special Day

Couples have been coming to us for 25 years for their wedding invitations. Stop in to see any of our talented designers, or if you like, visit our partner, Carlson Craft and receive a 15% discount on items ordered through them.

The team at Insta Print Plus is honored to play a role in your special day. Contact us today at 920-739-5218. Beyond program printing and brochures, we’re excited to create the perfect invitations for your dream wedding.

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